Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday!

People its time to bring you my #5: Myspace

Its time to join 2010 and close your Myspace accounts…unless you are a musician (or until Facebook catches on with that) you don’t need a Myspace account to post creepy glittery bday greetings…you have a Facebook its cooler no need to take up more space on the World Wide Web.  So long Myspace you had your run!

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The only bed you should be in…

Time to say goodbye to crisp skin so my #4 thing to retire is: Tanning Beds!

First of all skin cancer is not hot (but the heat got you that :-)!) So ladies (without any color) its time to say goodbye to laying naked on those cold hard beds…and hello to Nivea Gradual Self-Tanner to darken and firm my ass.

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You down with O.P.I (Yeah you know me)…Who’s down with O.P.I?

Time to go all natural ladies….so rip off those nails and paint what the good Lord made! So #3 on my list: Acrylic Nails

Seriously no one has hot pink nail beds.

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Toodles Poodles

Time to say good night to my #2: Coach Purses you have been faithful when I didn’t know better….but now that I have met Louis its time for us to part ways.
You had a good run! R.I.P 2000-2006!

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Things we need to retire….

Since its the last day of the month what better way way to start fresh than to throw away things that need to go. So lets start purging (not the contents of your stomach) and toss our Tiffany heart bracelets. These clunky bracelets are so 2001 and really who is wearing these anymore!

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