Its a ‘Hairy’ situation

So letsĀ  talk hair people….I saw this today and was shocked! Britney you are my girl…you have plenty of money and yet your hair looks like shit! I have a great gal (Shout out to Betty) she is near your home is Calabasas…please call her! This not cute!

#12 Shitty Extensions!

and for my girl P…..#13 Crunchy Curly Hair! hehehehehehe

Its all about soft, loose beach waves people!

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Save the Rubber

This one goes to all of those who have bought Crocs and wore then outside of your homes.

These hideous shoes sparked a trend that included colors and charms…and the sad part is they have been worn in hospitals!

To Ileen and all the peeps who bought these…its time to toss #11 Crocs!

You should have never been made or purchased!

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So he put a ring on it…doesn’t mean all fingers need love!

The one thing I can’t stand is when people wear rings on every finger…its so tacky!

So #10 on my list is Rings on more than 2 Fingers!

Ladies one or two rings….there is no need to wear all of your mall jewelry on every finger! We got it you have gemstone rings…so surprise us and wear its gradually through out the week!

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Herve has got some Nerve

I am so tired of seeing this dress in every color and on everyone!

#9 The Herve Leger Dress

Ladies this is not a flattering dress (no matter how skinny you are) and we can tell you are going commando (not cute) and if you ate that sandwich! Oh and Mariah Carey it is still not hot no matter what color your wear it in!

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Juicy is not Couture

Ok #8 Juicy Couture

The 2 things you zip on Juicy are time to trash…

1. Their Sweat Suits


2. Their bags

Save your money and buy Lululemon and a Marc Jacobs….this brand has got to go!

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As we are heading into Fall…now is a good time to talk fashion.

So my #7 is: UGG boots and mini skirts. Seriously what are you keeping warm your feet? We are not ten years old and its not sexy or cute…you look like a cheap Britney knock-off circa 2002.
If you are keeping your boots, then wear them with jeans!

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Ed Hardy

#6 on my list is Ed Hardy….this cracked out design is so whack I have no words! So burn this shit for the sake of Humanity!

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